Friday, November 24, 2006

Progress Pictures

Okay, so apparently I'm supposed to post pictures of our progress. I didn't realize that was the rule. Evidently it is.

We've come to the conclusion that we're only going to be able to paint the kitchen, living room, and our bedroom before we move in on December 3rd. The spare bedrooms and the bathrooms will have to wait since we've realized they're going to take much more work than we had originally thought.

We're dealing with the after effects of someone not putting primer on the drywall before putting up wallpaper. We're trying to take down the wallpaper, and in the process, we're also removing the drywall paper. Ick.

the first spare bedroom - we won't finish this before we move in
(unfortunately, this small section took me about 3 hours to do
... and this is just 1/3 of one wall)

my idea for this room is to paint a light taupe above the wainscotting,
paint the chair rail white (or cream),
and put a darker taupe on the wainscotting

the other spare bedroom is in pretty decent shape ....
we'll eventually paint it but at least we got the wallpaper border down

the master bathroom ....
(an example of why putting on primer
before wallpaper is a good idea)

the wallpaper backing is still on the wall
on the right-hand side of the picture;
my attempt at removing the backing is on the wall
on the left side of the picture ...

double ick.

our 'veritable fish explosion' in the hall bath is no more

my hard-working husband, spackling the living room


Jessica said...

Wow! So much work...who knew. It will be great when it's finished I'm sure. Keep up the good work. :)

karen said...

Look at that cute hard-working boy right there!

Mike L said...

Wow...I don't think that toilet room is big enough for Mr. Smith.