Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Months 42 & 43 - Recap

My dearest second child,
I forgot to write your recap from April. Life happened and documenting yours didn't. My bad. But please tell your therapist hello for me when you inevitably end up on his couch from a month of no proof of your antics.

Daddy's dad passed away last month from pneumonia. I don't give you enough credit for how well your ears work because I had talked with Natalie a few times and talked to friends on the phone about it, but never talked directly to you about Grandpa's illness. But when you saw my mom a week or so before Grandpa passed away, you looked at her with a solemn expression on your face and told her about Grandpa's 'demonia'. And you told her how food sometimes goes down Grandpa's air tube instead of his food tube and that made him have demonia. DEMONIA. Lawsy mercy that's the cutest.

Know what else is the cutest? You call eczema 'eczemo'. Know what else is the cutest? You call the Incredible Hulk the Incredible Hunk. Or the Incredible Honk.

Back to Grandpa, though. We took you and Natalie to his funeral, and we think it ended up being absolutely the right decision. Natalie made it through about 90% of the service before she got antsy. You, on the other hand, cracked your first joke about 15 minutes into the service. While Pastor Joe described Grandpa's service in the Air Force, he mentioned that Grandpa served a tour of duty in Okinawa, Japan. Upon hearing that, you immediately perked up, looked at me, and said "Doodie! " What's even better was that I was recording the service (for the family members who couldn't make the trip), and your comment can be heard loud and clear on the video. You made it another 10 minutes before you fell asleep for the rest of the service. Fast asleep. And snoring (but your snores didn't make it on the video - bummer). Neither you nor Natalie have ever been ones to sleep anywhere and everywhere. You two sleep in your bed and your carseats, if you're especially tired. But anywhere else? You'd prefer the whine-until-I'm-in-my-bed approach rather than sleep-
wherever-I-am-if-I'm-tired approach. Except at funerals.

You said the snacktime prayer at Sunday School the other day. When your teacher told me, I melted. You usually don't do that kind of stuff in front of a group of people - sometimes you even get nervous in front of Daddy and me. But you did it at church, and I think that's awesome. You're a creature of prayer habit, so I'm assuming this was the prayer (probably said with your eyes squished shut and your hands poking your delightfully plump belly):

Dear Lord, Thank you for sending Your Son for dying on da cwoss and for saving us. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Hugs and smooches,
Mommy & Daddy

Headlines for June 9, 2015:
  • ISIS militants kidnap 88 Christian migrants in Libya
  • Murderers Sweat, Matt on Run 4 Days After Escaping Clinton Correctional Facility
  • Piglets Get Loose After Truck Overturns
  • American Pharoah Jockey Victor Espinoza Gives Back to Cancer Center
  • Teen carries brother 57 miles to raise awareness of cerebral palsy

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