Thursday, September 01, 2016

August 2016 - Recap

My dearest student,
You're now a few weeks into your second grade year. And, full disclosure, it was a bit of a rocky start. Now your first day was a complete success and I was mentally high-fiving myself all day and concluding that all the hours I spent working on your curriculum obviously paid off because I'm such a homeschooling mom success story.

And then Tuesday came.

Tears, negativity, blinky blank stares, whining, not listening, daydreaming, and only an ounce or two of actual learning. Add in a few disrupting appointments, triple-digit heat, an achy head and neck, and Tuesday was just a big sack of crazy. And honestly, the next few days didn't fare much better.

For some reason (well, I know the reason. The reason is I often can't see the forest through the trees ...) I felt the need to get all of your schooling done while Charlie was at preschool. When you were in first grade, it was fairly easy. We even had a number of days where we finished early and had time to do some fun you-and-me stuff before we picked him up. But your second grade curriculum is more time intensive. (Because duh. Second > first) And I can't seem to get it all done before we leave to get Charlie. I was telling Daddy about this and he looks at me blankly and says "Um, who says you have to get it done before you get Charlie?" That was the little dose of reality I needed.

Instead of rushing to finish, instead of getting frustrated for you for taking too long to do your math work, instead of not allowing you the freedom to color more in between subjects (which is the joy of your life), we'll just take our time. We'll finish what we can while Charlie's at preschool and then we'll finish the rest in the afternoon. We'll have to figure out a new afternoon routine now that we're adding school into the mix but a new routine is much better than me trying to fit a second grade-sized square peg into a preschool-sized round hole.

This homeschooling gig brings to the surface so many of my faults. I'm not sure I like that. Hmph.

You can now do a legit handstand. Like a legs together, straight as an arrow, handstand. And you can do about a 98% legit split. And you're already homeschooled. So in your mind, you're all set for the 2024 Olympics.

Hugs and smooches,
Mommy & Daddy

Headlines for September 1, 2016:
  • Florida's Gulf Coast Braces for Tropical Storm Hermine
  • Willy Wonka Kids Pay Tribute to Gene Wilder
  • SpaceX Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad
  • Mexico President Rebuffs Trump: I Told Him We Aren't Paying for the Wall
  • Pennsylvania professor goes on hunger strike over tenure denial

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