Sunday, July 01, 2018

July 2018 - Recap

Man. This is NOT the house in which to forget to write a recap.

"Mommy, have you written my recap yet?"
"Mommy, will you please write my recap?"
"Mommy, how come you haven't written it yet?"
"Mommy, any progress?"
"Mommy, can I just read previous recaps?"

In your defense, I'm six months late in writing them. In my defense, teaching and grocery shopping and scrubbing the occasional toilet takes time. 

So here I sit, wracking my brain, trying to remember what happened for the first half of 2018. 

You learned some math.
You fussed over the learning the aforementioned math.
You cheered up once you understood the aforementioned math.
You were in a musical.
You want to do all the musicals now.
You handled the first time getting your blood drawn like a BOSS.
You finished the 3rd grade.
You joined a homeschool enrichment.
You want the aforementioned homeschool enrichment to start ASAP.
You went to VBS.
You went to Art Camp.
You aggravated your brother.
You played with your brother.
You aggravated him some more.

A pretty solid six months, if I do say so myself. Which I do.

You hate not being awesome at things. I get it, I really do. One of my prayers for you is that you find beauty in the struggle - not just a math struggle, but in all kinds of struggles. There is much to learn while you're in the thick of a valley. You learn tenacity, you learn patience, you learn humility. And one of the gifts of homeschooling you is that I get to watch you learn these things (and see the light bulb go off!). And, simultaneously, I also learn these things myself. The learnin' don't stop when you graduate, my darling. The learnin' keeps on a'comin' even when you're old like me.

Valleys are OK. Valleys aren't to be feared or avoided at all costs. Valleys keep us scrappy. Valleys force us to look up. Valleys are where some of the sweetest life lessons are formed. Valleys makes us appreciate the hills that much more.

Performing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was definitely a hill moment for you. You loved every bit of the 10 weeks of rehearsals and you knocked your parts out of the park. You played the reporter (who spoke to each of the kids as he/she found a Golden Ticket), a kid in the candy store during the Candy Man song, and the Head Oompa Loompa (Charlie played one of the other Oompa Loompas). During one of your reporter monologues, the audience laughed (because you're my daughter so obviously you're a hoot). The look on your face was priceless. You looked all Wait, they're laughing! They think I'm funny! THIS IS THE BEST! You ad-libbed some of your mannerisms while you were an Oompa Loompa (which, again, was met with some laughs). Your expressions were hysterical. You did so well.

After the show, you realized just who was in the audience. Your nurse came. Your Sunday School teachers came (Charlie's teachers did, too!). Three darling friends from church came - seeing them made you burst into tears. You were floored that so many people came to see you and Charlie perform. You are very loved, my theatrical peach.

Daddy and I signed you and Charlie up for a homeschool enrichment for the fall. So one day a week you both will go to 'school' all day. You'll have core classes in addition to some fun electives, like art and a home ec-type class. You're so excited about starting, especially because you know almost all the girls in your grade. It's a precious group of girls and I'm so glad you're going to be with them. Another reason you're excited to start is that you'll need a lunchbox. There are so many positives to homeschooling, but certainly one of the negatives is not needing a lunchbox. Apparently.

You just finished up a week of Art Camp. I think you assumed that it would be five days of drawing and painting and you were a little nervous when I told you that you'd learn how to use grout, how to print t-shirts, and how to make a gazing ball/cube. But in true Natalie Form, you realized that just because something was unfamiliar, it didn't mean it wasn't worth trying. (Please know this advice does NOT apply to drugs or going seatbelt-less or stealing or anything else bad) You had the best time at camp and were so excited to show us your projects at the art show after camp was over. God has absolutely blessed an artistic talent within you and I love getting to see how you use your gift. 

WHEW. There. Now you'll stop mentioning to me how I've failed at writing your recaps.

Hopefully your next one will come sooner than your 10th birthday. But I make no promises.

Hugs and smooches,
Mommy & Daddy

Headlines for July 1, 2018:
  • Newspaper where 5 gunned down thanks public, affirms mission: 'We are journalists'
  • Idaho apartment stabbing suspect attacked child's birthday party seeking 'vengeance' after being asked to leave, cops say
  • Trump has expanded Supreme Court shortlist amid pressure from pro-choice advocates, GOP senator claims
  • Notorious French criminal escapes from prison using helicopter, sparks massive manhunt around Paris
  • Russia stuns Spain on penalties to reach World Cup quarterfinals
  • 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' takes No 1. at the box office for the 2nd time 

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