Thursday, December 07, 2006

Making Progress

We haven't really unpacked much (since we've moved in, we only had a few hours at night to unpack). We're living like college students - this morning, I ate cereal out of a Gladware container.

The only things in my kitchen I have easy access to are the things required to make stuffed mushrooms (I made them for two Christmas parties at work; if you're interested, here's the recipe - they're so wonderful). Anything else - such as real [not styrofoam] plates and bowls, the toaster, and the coffee pot - is lost in a sea of boxes.

But who cares? We have our house. (I love saying that...)

Here are some post-painting, pre-unpacking pictures ... enjoy

One half of our box-infested dining room

I love this color. It's the exact shade I was
hoping it'd be. It's brighter during the day
really warm at night.


I love (LOVE) the color of our bedroom;
it's very peaceful ... very spa-like.

Another crazy-big (albeit slightly dying)
rose from our backyard


Eric & Jess said...

Cool! I love the bedroom color especially. And believe me, I understand living out of boxes. Our move to Ohio we did great, and we were unpacked pretty soon. Then our move here it took at least two months, and we still have a ton of boxes that we just moved out to the garage and will probably never unpack. I think if we haven't missed it by now, we probably don't even need to keep it. :) It's amazing how you can get used to seeing boxes everywhere. I had a box in our bedroom for 4 months - it sat there so long I didn't even see it anymore. Crazy. Anyway, have fun unpacking, and enjoy your house!!

Leytham said...

LOVE the colors!!!

PB said...

LOVE the paint color in the bedroom! The living room looks close to the color of my bedroom! But just tell me one thing -- don't you miss all the lighthouses? ;) Yeah, yeah, yeah ... I know! :D It's lookin' good -- love you guys!