Monday, December 04, 2006

Moving Day

It's official - Lee and I moved into our new (old, but new to us) house! We had about 10 people help us load up the apartment and drop everything off at our house ... all in the span of two hours. It was oh-so impressive. Lee and I were convinced that we'd still be unloading the trucks at noon, but we were done by 9am. It definitely helped that most of the people helping us are either current or former military guys who have perfected the art of moving.

Now we have to decide which comes next - a big dog or a big TV. Oh the decisions.

I'll post some pictures soon!


Eric & Jess said...

I vote for the big t.v. But I'm not a dog person, so that might infuence my vote. :)


Lee and Suze said...

You got it. The score is 1-0, in favor of the TV. :)