Monday, January 29, 2007

Super Slacker

Wow. Yeah, so I've been a horrible slacker at this whole blogging thing.

So before I continue ... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone who hasn't given up hope that someday I'll update this silly thing.

Our work on the house has unfortunately slowed down. We were pretty gung ho there for a while. Now the progress has petered out. Who knows why? Maybe we've become attached to our painting mistakes and our horrendous bathrooms. And maybe we've discovered that all these unpacked boxes provide a nice place to lay our clothes on.

Or maybe we're just slackers.

Though we DID buy some touch-up paint. It's not the magic kind that'll paint the walls for you, but at least it's there, ready to be opened and used. That should count for something.

Hopefully we'll get off our rumps and get back to work soon. Then I'll have some pictures to show of our progress.

But if Lee gets his wish (and he probably will), the next picture I post will be of our new TV. (Do we have a TV? Yes. Is it broken? No. So do we need a new TV? No. Is our current TV a pretty good size? Yes. Is it wide enough and flat enough? Apparently not. Therefore, it must go.)

And we'll definitely have some great pictures mid-to-late March. My sister is getting married in Vegas in about 5 weeks (on their 11-year anniversary - how cute is that?) Lee and I are staying a few extra days in Vegas, then going to Napa for two days to visit a great friend for a wine tasting extravaganza. Hopefully we'll get to wander around San Francisco, too.

Can. Not. Wait.


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Finally some info on you two lovebirds!!!!

Eric & Jess said...

Don't worry, we lived in Ohio for 1.5 years and there were boxes we never unpacked. As a matter of fact, we've lived in Arizona for almost 8 months now and we still have the boxes that didn't unpack in OH in the garage. We're just gonna move stuff from house to house never opening the boxes. It's easier that way. :)

It's easy to lose momentum, and hard to get it back. But you will eventually get it done. Or you'll just live with the boxes. They start to blend in after they've been there long enough.

And painting......never done it, so can't tell you how much we slacked there, but I'm sure I'd be just as bad as you guys.

Love you and miss you and SO HAPPY for the update!!