Thursday, February 15, 2007

Solo Road Trip

I'm taking my very first solo road trip tomorrow.

Why is it that I'm 26 and have never driven more than 200 or so miles by myself? Unfortunately I don't have a very impressive answer. It pretty much boils down to 1) being a semi-poor college student who couldn't afford to travel too much, and then 2) finding a guy who really likes to drive (which, in turn, lets me do something I like to do: sleep).

I've got some awesome friends from high school who live near Tampa. They've been up to Pensacola plenty of times, so I decided that it's my turn to go see them.

Lee was going to go with me and see some of his friends in Lakeland, but we figured that it'd be good for me to do this trip by myself.

It should be very liberating - or so I hope.

Thank goodness for satellite radio and roadside assistance :)


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Have fun!!! My 1st REAL road trip by myself was to Tampa as well!!!

Eric & Jess said...

I'm so jealous. Not really of your lone drive, I've done that plenty (drove down to see Jesse a number of times and to Louisiana). But I'm super jealous that you get to hang with Lease and Carlie and Kathy. I miss you guys all so much and wish I could be there. Tell everyone how much I love them and remind them to check out our blog to see pics of the kids. :)