Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

The woman who sold us our house was an impressive gardener. It was obvious that she had put a lot of hard work into keeping her plants look beautiful.

Little did she know that she sold her house to a plant killer.

I haven't had much experience with plants, but what little experience I do have hasn't been pretty. But when we bought this house, I felt like I should at least try to maintain what she already started.

And lo and behold it's worked (so far, at least)! They survived complete neglect for a few months - and all it took was some watering to bring them back to life.

I bought these $.88 petunias from Lowes - sort of as 'tester plants' - to see if I could keep plants alive that I bought myself. So far, so good. They've been sturdy enough to survive so far. I definitely didn't want to test that theory with expensive plants right off the bat. Maybe I'll graduate to grown-up plants one day.

The next pictures are of our plants in our backyard:

This is one of the coolest plants I've ever seen.
It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized that it wasn't fake!
It looks like a ceramic plant, but it's definitely real.

I think the official name is "Hens-and-Chicks". Or something like that.

Plants on our back porch:

My neglect affected this plant the most.
I had to remove every single leaf - all that was left was the vine thing.
I'm happy to see some new leaves growing.

And we just ordered our first piece of married furniture (minus the coffee table)
I'm so excited about it! (and I totally love the orange wall)


Eric & Jess said...

Yay, pretty flowers. I too am a plant killer. I only have one left alive . . . for now. But in my defense, it's so dry here some things need watered twice a day, and that's too much for me. Congrats on the furniture, it's fun to get stuff together. :)

PB said...

They're Hen & Bitties - not sure on the spelling, but I know you can say it! :) My mom love them. Love the new furniture! Where's it going?

Eric & Jess said...

I check this EVERY day, you know. I really need an update from you so I know you haven't fallen off the planet. :) At least tell us if you've killed all the plants yet. Even if you just post something dumb about what you wore to work today or what you had for breakfast . . . anything is good, really. :) I love you and miss you and I'm totally jealous that you and Lisa will be doing grad school at UWF at the same time. :)