Saturday, July 12, 2008

Food, Prenatal Tests, and Weight Gain

I'm perfectly aware that the few people who DO read this blog probably won't be interested in most of the things I'm posting, but I'm doing this mainly as a keepsake for me. Feel free to ingore the mundane.

No real food aversions so far, except the smell at the fried chicken counter at Walmart really gets to me now. It never smelled especially good - now it smells especially worse. And it's unfortunate that the deli meat counter is right beside the fried chicken. And it's unfortunate that the slowest people in the world work at the deli meat counter at my Walmart. So I'm pretty queasy by the time I get home from grocery shopping. (Yes, I know you're not supposed to eat deli meat when you're pregnant - but my doctor said it was fine, and sometimes I even remember to heat it up before I eat it. So there, lysteria.)

Mexican food, specifically Taco Bell (which I'm sure it's up for debate as to whether or not that even counts as Mexican food, but whatever), has never tasted more delicious. I don't necessarily crave it, but when I do have it, it's absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and Krispy Kreme donuts? Yeah, I don't like them anymore. How weird is that? I used to love them - and few things were better than when you got them "Hot Now". But I've had them twice now, and each time I was highly disappointed. I couldn't even finish a whole one, that's how bad I thought they were. Did they change their recipe? They seem crispier (krispier?) and it's terribly sad.

I haven't felt the baby move yet - or maybe I have and just didn't realize that's what it was. My doctor told me that I might not feel something until closer to 20 weeks.

Right now, the big decision is whether or not to get the triple screen done. Lee and I have gone over the pros and cons of doing it and not doing it. I'm a worrier, through and through. And the high rate of false positives makes me nervous. And if something is in fact wrong with the baby, it's not like we wouldn't go through with the rest of the pregnancy. And chances are, I'd spend the next 5 months worrying myself sick. But if we don't get the test done, and something is wrong, we won't be prepared in advance for how to take care of a special needs child. needless to say, we've been praying a lot over this decision ... and we have to get the test done before I'm 18 weeks, so we're sort of on a time constraint.

Weight gain: +5 lbs

I know that I WILL gain weight because I know I HAVE to gain weight, and I really have no problem with that, but it's still weird to see the numbers on the scale go up. And to see that my pre-pregnancy jeans that sort of fit a few weeks ago, sort of fit even less is still weird. It's becoming more real day by day.

(Lee and I have agreed that he'll match me pound for pound - whatever I gain, he'll lose. He's worried I won't be happy with him when I'm in my 9th month and huge and he's looking all svelte ... but I told him it'd be okay. I'd forgive him) :)

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Eric & Jess said...

OK, first, I'm super happy you put the little count down thing on the blog, so I can keep track. :)

We decided to do the tests. For us, it was better to know up front and be prepared (although, thankfully, it was all "normal").

I think the blog is a perfect place to keep track of things. Poor Lincoln, since he's the second kid, has nothing in his baby book. BUT since I have all his firsts documented on the blog, I can go back and fill it all in one day. You know, in my spare time. :)

Eric gained weight my first pregnancy. But lost it WAY faster than I did after the baby. Of course. Then I think he lost weight the second pregnancy. But I gained a lot less that time too, and started losing at the end. (You really shouldn't move across the country in the middle of the summer to AZ while pregnant - it's very hot and stressful). :)

Sounds like things are good. With the exception of that whole donut hating, Taco Bell loving thing. Weird. But it happens. Just go with it. :)