Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Updates

Well I've already failed at keeping up with this blog on a regular basis, but I'll try again!

  • I swear I've been more tired the 2nd trimester than the 1st - I actually felt pretty normal during the 1st trimester. I had major problems with being tired before I got pregnant, so I had a hard time believing that I could actually get any tired-er. And it's not that it any more than usual, it just happens earlier. I'd actually like to go to bed right now (6:21pm)

  • I've gotten more and more headaches, which has been really frustrating. My doctor prescribed some medicine, but I hate relying on it to make me feel better. But I guess that's what it's for. I wouldn't be surprised if this insane heat is causing at least some of my headaches. It's unfortunate that I can't take a pill to make the temperature drop by 30 degrees and the humidity drop by 50%.

  • Yesterday, Lee very, um, lovingly pointed out that my belly button looks different. And he was right. It's nowhere near poking out yet, but it's getting shallower by the day. I've gotten attached to my innie, and it's only a matter of time before it's full-fledged outie.

  • I love maternity pants. I've never worn more comfortable clothes in my life. No zippers? Score! No buttons? Another score!

  • I only have one more week of school. I didn't realize how preoccupied I've been with all the planning I want to do for the baby, but it's been insanely hard trying to concentrate on anything school-related. I had been planning on just taking off the Spring semester, but just recently decided to take off the Fall semester too. I'm stressed now, and I'm not big or uncomfortable yet, so I can't even imagine how I'd be next semester. There's no law that says I have to graduate by a certain date - it was just an imaginary deadline I set on myself. So I took it off! And I'm so happy with that decision. Lee's happy too. He can finally get a break from doing my share of the housework (Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is? He is so very wonderful.)

  • Oh, and we decided not to get the Triple Screen done. It just didn't seem worth it to us. If I were over 35 or either one of us had a family history of illness, then maybe we'd think harder about it. But we feel strongly that God will guide us through whatever He puts in our path. And that's really comforting.

  • Add to the list of delicious food - fresh pineapple.

  • We start birthing class next month. I'm really curious as to what we'll learn. Two of the classes are taught by the teacher's husband, so I know Lee will appreciate that part.

  • Only 8 more days until we find out if we're having a girl gorilla or a boy gorilla!

I'll aim to update more, so that not all my posts are novels.

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