Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Appointment Update

I had another appointment yesterday (11/17/08). I got tested for Group B Strep and also got checked for any progress. I hadn't made any - which is fine since I'm only 34 weeks. And based on what I've learned from our birthing class and our midwife, knowing your progress (or lack thereof) can sometimes turn out to be a mind game. My midwife said she knew someone who was dilated at 3cm for 6 weeks ... and knows someone else who had made zero progress at her weekly appointment but had her baby that night.

Lee wasn't able to make this appointment with me (something about a job commitment - what nerve!). Our midwife walked in to the exam room and was distraught (not really) over the absense of her comic relief. She recommended that I start drinking red raspberry leaf tea and taking primrose oil - so it's off to Everman's for me!

I've almost made it the point in my pregnancy where my midwife will deliver me. She delivers babies from 35 weeks until 42 weeks. I assume anything before 35 weeks or after 42 weeks would be handled by an OB. It's nice to know that she's not automatically concerned if I go past 40 weeks - I don't want to be induced just because I went a few days past my due date. Though I'm perpetually early and Lee is perpetually late, so maybe it'll average out and she'll come on her due date.

I asked her what signals I should look for that will let us know when it's time to call her. She mentioned the normal stuff (contractions every five minutes which last for one minute that I have a hard time talking or walking through, and continues for one hour). Another clue she wants me to look for is how I respond to Lee. She said that Lee seems like the type to use humor to make me feel better or to ease a stressful situation (she's right). So she said I'll know something major is happening when I find Lee to be un-funny. I told this to Lee and he was highly offended, saying that I'll never be able to find him un-funny. That if me giving birth depends on me thinking he's not funny, I'll be pregnant forever.

Weight gain: 29.4 lbs

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Wes and Rae Leytham said...

baahaahaaaaa!!! I can so imagine Lee was offended about that! Your midwife makes me laugh.