Wednesday, July 01, 2009

June 2009 - Recap

Oh, sweet June. How we loved you. You brought back our sweet, smiley, good sleeping baby.

There are so many high points from this month (that's the good thing about having a bad month like May - any small good thing, such as not crying for five whole minutes - is a huge improvement). Always remember that, Nataroo - the good thing about bad days is that they eventually end. Your dad is great at remembering that; I, on the other hand, have a very hard time remembering that. We balance each other out like that.

High points:
  • You met your Aunt Lisa, Uncle Rich, and cousins Draigen and Taylor this month. They moved to California when I was pregnant with you, so they never got the chance to see you in person before they left. They love you so much, and it was so wonderful to spend a week with them.
  • You got dedicated at church this month. It was such a special day. Gramma Lu and Granddaddy came. Auntie Karen drove in from Panama City. Uncle Rich, Aunt Lisa, and Taylor were there. Nana came. Uncle Rich's parents (Paw-Paw-In-Law and Grandma-in-Law!) came. And three of my best friends came. So many people love you, little one. It does Daddy's and my heart so good to know that you're surrounded by loving and thoughtful friends and family. And you didn't throw up on Pastor John - that ALSO does our hearts good!
  • You've been very giggly this month. It's awesome. Aunt Lisa got some pretty good laughs out of you while she was here. And Daddy and I did, too - finally!! Our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so long. You are the cutest thing ever when you smile (you're the cutest thing ever ANYway, but when you smile - wow. The level of cuteness is quite astounding)
  • You've set yourself a pretty wonderful nap schedule. You wake up anywhere between 6am and 7am and take a long nap about 2 hours after you get up. Sometimes I take a nap, sometimes I do laundry, sometimes I watch the goofy TV shows that I DVR'd that Daddy doesn't want to watch with me. Your afternoon nap varies a little more. You take that one anywhere between 1pm and 4pm. Sometimes it lasts for an hour, sometimes it's 2 hours.
  • And speaking of sleeping ... you've been sleeping at night like a CHAMP. On a number of occasions, you've slept straight through the night. We put you to bed between 8:30pm and 9pm and you've slept until 6:30 or 7am. Woo hoo! There were several nights you got up in the middle of the night to eat, but that's not bad either. I feed you for only 10 minutes, then put you straight back to bed.
  • You're getting good at sitting up! You still need to hold on to our fingers in order for you to sit straight up, but you're able to support yourself for a few seconds without us. It's really amazing to watch - it's like we can see your thought process on how to support yourself.
  • You got in a swimming pool for the first time this month. You seem to be really annoyed by bathtime, so we were expecting the worst when we put you in the pool. And you didn't disappoint! You screamed like you had been stuck with a hot poker. Daddy held you the entire time and slowwwwwwly put your feet back in the water. He waited for a minute or so, then went a bit deeper until your knees were in the water. He waited a bit more and then went until the water was around your waist. All the while, you had this look like "Um, excuse me? What are you doing? This is WATER. Remember that I HATE water?" You didn't look thrilled. But at least you weren't crying anymore. And surprisingly, it only took a few more minutes before you smiled! Maybe this water thing isn't so bad,
  • Father's Day Craft Project. So I guess I should have followed the directions on the back of the box that said "Wait until child is asleep to put his/her hand or foot into the plaster to make a mold". Because I didn't. And the mangled mess of hardened plaster (that bore only a vague resemblance of a foot) that I gave Daddy for Father's Day is proof. But Daddy, being the wonderful man he is, said that he loved it. And he's got it sitting on his bedside table.

Low points:

  • The heat. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm so sorry, baby girl. You were born to two sweaty parents. So you had no choice but to be a sweaty baby. And thanks to this blistering heat, we've gotten to see just how sweaty the entire city is. I would love to take you outside more - we have a swing in the backyard ready for you, but it's so incredibly miserable outside that all I want to do is go from one air-conditioned building to another. So that's what we've been doing. Instead of taking walks around the neighborhood or going to the park, we go to the mall. And TJMaxx. And Kohl's. And pretty much any other place that has air conditioning.
  • My lactation consultant told me about something that perfectly describes you: A Fire-Alarm Personality. A fire alarm goes off whether there's burned toast in the toaster or if the entire house is engulfed in flames. Similarly, you cry hysterically whether you're a tiny bit hungry or if a tiger just bit off your leg (obviously that hasn't happened, but I assume that's how you would sound). Daddy and I have a hard time figuring out what's wrong when you cry like that.
  • Poop. I won't go into too much detail with this one, but I will say this: now that you're older, you don't have a lot of, um, waste. And now that we've added in rice cereal, it means that what waste you DO have is easily backed up. So yeah. You don't go very often. Which is great in terms of cleaning off cloth diapers, but it means that we have to endure days and days of you grunting. But your pediatrician said not to worry unless it's been over a week. Yikes.

Little love, this has been such a fun month. You've been so playful and so gloriously smiley. It's like you're a little person now! (Not that you weren't a person for your first six months, but this age is SO much more fun). I love watching you interact with people. You smile at strangers (you've cried at some, too, but we won't go into that).

You and Daddy have your own games you play and own songs you sing. You won't understand this until you've experienced it yourself, but watching you and Daddy play makes me fall in love with him all over again. He is the best daddy in the world. You are his Babydoll.

(And you're my Boo Boo)

Hugs and smooches,
Mommy & Daddy

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