Saturday, January 03, 2009

The World is Now 7lbs and 10oz Sweeter


Natalie Jane Smith has finally arrived!

Lee and I are quite delirious from a wonderful combination of overwhelming love and sleep deprivation - so I'll have to keep this short.

Short story:
  • First bad contraction happened at midnight on New Years Day - just as the pelican in Downtown Pensacola was dropping.
  • Got to Baptist Hospital around 3am
  • Labored until about 1:30pm
  • Pushed for about two hours until she arrived at 3:43pm
  • Lee delivered her! It was the sweetest, most wonderful thing ever. Just as Natalie was about to arrive, our midwife said "Lee, get over here and put on this gown and gloves and deliver your daughter!" He wasn't expecting to be able to do it (he and our midwife had been joking about him doing it for a few months), and I'm so glad he was. The look on his face was worth a billion hours of labor.
  • She turned out to be the first baby born of 2009 at Baptist Hospital (a mom gave birth at Sacred Heart at around 1am on the 1st - that baby was the first '09 baby born in Pensacola). Baptist Hospital loaded us up with an amazing '1st Baby' present - a stroller, a carseat, diapers and wipes, some yummy bath stuff for me, a few toys (that just happen to be our exact crib bedding pattern), and some other fun baby stuff. 'Blessed' doesn't even begin to describe how we feel.
  • Nursing is doubly hard when a baby inheirits her uncoordinated mother's coordination. Poor kiddo.


  • 1/1/09
  • 3:43pm
  • 7lbs, 10oz
  • 20 inches long
  • 14 inch head (Hooray!)
  • Head full of dark hair
  • Eyes exactly like her daddy
  • Long toes exactly like her mommy
  • The most beautiful lips God has ever put on a person
  • Cuteness level: off the friggin' chart

Here are a few pictures:

Welcome to the world, angel baby.

Thank you, God.


Wes and Rae Leytham said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That girl is absolutely GORGEOUS! Jamie told me she was pretty, but WOW she is perfectly perfect. She looks like Lee to me in these photos. I didn't know he would be so pretty with a pink bow! Her lips are perfect. I know you are over the moon. Avery was 7 12 and 19" so I can't wait to see Natalie. I know I will find it hard to believe my baby was that small! Enjoy everyday....they will become a blur. Don't worry about the lack of coordination. Once you and Natalie get the hang of it, you both will be able to get started in the dark! I am so proud of ya'll and I can't wait to hear Lee's version. It will undoubtedly be entertaining.

Jess said...

Natalie is the most beautiful baby I've even seen (except my own, of course). Seriously guys, she's beyond gorgeous!! It makes me cry to look at her, she's so perfect.

You will both get the hang of nursing. It takes a little while. The first days are the hardest. Just don't supplement, stick with it, and you'll be a pro in no time. Before you know it she'll be over 2 years old, and you'll be figuring out how to wean her. LOL

I can't wait to see more pictures, and one day see her and hold her! Elijah has been SO excited about her and begging to visit her! Enjoy every minute, and SLEEP when you can!!

beth said...

OOO! she's just beautiful! Congrats!! I am so happy for your family!!


Mendy said...

Wow guys! Congratulations! She is beautiful, just absolutely gorgeous. Job well done, Mom and Dad!
When Lauren was a newbie, an employee at the Lancome counter in Dillards came over the counter at me and started shouting, "That's a Jesus baby... I just know it....Straight from the Throne of God... yes, I said a Jesus baby." When I look at you guys with Natalie I think (perhaps a little less obnoxiously than the Dillards lady but absolutely as sincere) yes, straight from the Throne of God. What a blessing. Can't wait to get my hands on her! Love to all ~ Mendy

kendra said...

well done team smith! you guys make really pretty babies!! she is beautiful!!!

N614 said...

Go Team smith heh. All of us at N6 are oohing and ahhing.

The Schlosser's said...

Just beautiful - your story, your love, and of course....Natalie! Congratulations to the extreme!

Nicki said...

She is so beautiful!!!! And you are right about the lips...they are perfect! I can't wait to see her. Congratulations!

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

I am waiting patiently for new pics. Do I have to come over and take them myself? i know where you live.