Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bouncing Baby Girl

Natalie's Jumperoo has been the source of much amusement in the Smith house. Lee and I could watch her for hours (except that she gets tired of it after 10 minutes or so). She get so excited when she's able to make the animals 'sing'.

It's times like these that make up for the month-long whine-fest that she's been going through.

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Jess said...

The Jumperoo is so cool. We got one for Linc (poor Elijah had to make do with the lame-o kind that hooks on your door frame...LOL). He liked it only for short spurts when he was that little, but more and more as he got older. I became dependent on that thing for when I took a shower. It fit in our bathroom (the house in Tucson had a huge bathroom) and he would jump and giggle the whole time I showered. He'd outgrown the height by several inches and the weight by several lbs before I made myself get rid of it. Showering hasn't been the same since then, man. LOL

Giggles make up for everything else, don't they? :)