Monday, June 15, 2009

Jumperoo Shmumperoo

Who needs a Jumperoo when you've got a Mom?!

Now that Natalie has gotten the hang of jumping in her Jumperoo, she jumps all the time - especially in my arms. I'm worried she's going to crack her skull on my chin (worried for both her delicate skull and my delicate chin), but it's so much fun watching her jump that I can't bear to stop her. After that first trip to the ER, I'm sure I'll stop her.

1 comment:

The Rudegeairs said...

The trip to the ER will probably be for your chin, not her head! Paige continuously bounces her head into my chin, nose, cheek...whatever facial feature is closest. I feel your pain (literally and metaphorically <-- that is spelled SO wrong).