Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random Musings

There are things that I've heard other kids doing, but never fully understood them until I experienced it myself with Natalie

For instance ...

  • She won't sleep when I take a road trip specifically for the purpose of getting her to take a nap ... but on our 5-minute drive home from Walmart? She falls asleep almost every time.
  • She has a basket of colorful, noisy, and/or squishy toys. But what does she prefer to play with? Our remote control. Our magazines (side note: for not being especially coordinated, that girl can tear UP a magazine. It's astonishing). The garbage bag. My peanut butter sandwich. My nursing cover. I imagine this is how it is having a puppy.
  • Being all smiley and playful at the pediatrician, when not an hour or so earlier, she was fussy and whiny
  • How difficult it is to try to change a diaper on a wiggle worm. A wiggle worm who prefers to be naked.

Natalie's never been much of a snuggler. She's definitely fond of me (because, well, I'm her fridge), but she's more of a cat personality than a dog personality. She wants to be held on her terms. In some ways, I'm bummed - because I like snuggling. But in other ways, I'm thankful - she usually does really well playing by herself. She wants me to be around, but doesn't necessarily need me to be interacting with her at all times. So I'm able to get things done around the house and not feel like I have to be holding her all day.

But she's been congested lately (I think she feels okay other than that), but she's been a bit more snuggly because of it. And I love it. I mean, I hate that she's congested, but I like the snuggles. She's not in full-on dog-mode, but she's not as cat-like as she normally is.


Jess said...

You're so funny and insightful, I love hearing your musings. :)

Elijah is not big on snuggling. He kisses me back and tolerates all my hugs, but he's his own kid and doesn't need me all over him.

Lincoln on the other hand is full of spontaneous affection. It's great. I love that he wants me to hold him all the time.

Both have pros and cons ... it's good you appreciate it either way. ;)

The Rudegeairs said...

I can totally relate to the non-snuggly thing. One of my favorite memories of me and my son is from when he had a fever of 102* and he just laid cuddled up next to me in bed all day and we watched reruns of Sesame Street!
I have the same problem with the kids falling asleep in the car. Mine also have a tendancy to fall asleep 2 minutes before we get where we're going on a 45 minute drive! Grr...
Hope Nat's feeling better soon.
Love, love, love the pictures!!