Sunday, August 31, 2008

Note to Self

Self: just because a pair of shorts were fairly loose pre-pregnancy does not, I repeat does not, mean they will fit everywhere else but the waist mid-pregnancy. Unless you want to feel like a hippo, never ever try on pre-pregnancy clothes mid-pregnancy. It's not just your belly that has to expand. Other areas have to expand to accommodate growing a gorilla baby.

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Eric & Jess said...

Oh you poor thing. LOL

You might want to go ahead and get used to the idea that it might be a year (or more) after being pregnant that you fit into your pre-pregnancy stuff. It took me over a year to wear most of my pre-prego stuff the first (and I never fit back into a lot of it). I've been lucky that I am smaller now than I was before either kiddo. There is hope.