Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So GB doesn't have a name right now (you know, besides "GB"). Lee and I decided that we'll come to the hospital with a list of 5 or 6 names that we like, and wait until she's born to see what name best fits her.

Lee has joked (or "joked") that he wants to name her Leigh, so that when the first little punk calls and asks to speak to her, Lee will say "Yeah, this is Lee. What do you want? No, no - you've got the right Lee. What do you want?" He's already in full-fledged protective Daddy mode.

Naming a child is a huge decision! You have to take into account a lot of things (if the name rhymes with anything bad, if the initials spell out anything dirty, etc).

Here are the names that we're considering:
  • Mallory Jane
  • Natalie Jane
  • Catherine/Katherine Leigh
I love the name Mallory (even though I'm sure people think of Family Ties or The Babysitter's Club books) - it's my favorite name we've talked about. But the bad part is that in French, it means "unfortunate" or "unlucky". I wonder how mean it would be for us to name our daughter something that means that. Though it does mean "Army counselor" (or something like that) in another language.

Natalie, coincidentally, means "child born at Christmas". But I think the name might be too popular and/or trendy - I don't want her to be one of six Natalies in her class.

Catherine is a great name, too. But I don't know if the "th" in Catherine is too much with the "th" in Smith. What if she has a lisp? [I would want to call her Cate, though]. Lee's concern is that people will call her "Kathy Lee", but I contend that in 10 years, kids won't know who (the famous) Kathy Lee is.

Those are the three that we know of. Then there are a few names that we're throwing around:
  • Audrey Leigh
  • Nora Jane
  • Jillian Leigh
  • Kara/Cara Jane
(Jane is Lee's mom's middle name and my aunt's first name - and it's also just a really cute name)

Then again, maybe we haven't even yet come up with what GB's name will be ...

ps: Happy Birthday, Dad!! I love you :)


Wes & Rae Leytham said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bushway!

I LOVE Mallory Jane!!! Have you looked up the meaning of "Avery"? It means "elf"!!!!!! My poor baby! LOL! Natalie is definitely more common than Mallory, but the meaning is so fitting!! But, I DO LOVE MALLORY! Sadly, it doesn't go with Leytham very well. ick! And, i am pretty sure anyone younger than 28 has no clue what Family Ties is. I have always loved the name Catherine/Kathryn/and all those ways to spell it, but I know LOTS of kids with that name now.

PB said...

How about Lucia Jane Smith? :) Love you and can't wait to see you on Sunday!