Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Type Mismatch

I called the Northwest Florida Blood Center and they still maintain that my blood type is A+. The woman I spoke with said they type-check everyone's blood when they donate, so that means they've type-checked my blood type three times (yes, I'm a horrible person for only donating three times) and confirmed that I am A+.

I left a message with my midwife to see if I can re-typed with her to confirm her results. Her records say I'm A-; the Blood Center says I'm A+. I've done some research on the Rhogam shot and I'm not too impressed with the potential side effects or the lack of studies on the effects of Rhogam on a fetus, so I'm praying that my midwife's office's records are wrong. If they're wrong (and I am, in fact, A+), I don't have to worry about the whole Rhogam thing.

And besides, I've really, really liked saying that I'm "A plus". I'd hate to give that up.

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Jess said...

Hmmmm....strange. I'd definitely have the midwife retype you. It's important to know. And better safe than sorry. If you are infact A-, even if the rhogam has side effects, from I understand it's necessary. Although what I remember is it being necessary in future pregnancies, but not the first. But maybe I'm remembering wrong....don't trust me. lol

I'm sure it will all work out fine. You'll be in our thoughts. :)