Wednesday, March 04, 2009


God is so very wonderful.

Natalie, the past two days have been rough. Really, really rough. Almost the kind of rough-ness that we all experienced during the first few days after we brought you home. Rough-ness that prompted our trip to Crestview and back last night in the hopes that a car trip would stop you from screaming.

I was taking medication that shouldn't have decreased my milk supply, but it did. And I didn't realize it was the medication until after it had been in my system for a week or so. I've stopped taking it, but it'll take a few days for my supply to go back to normal.

So you've been feeding like crazy - like you're going through a growth spurt. But you were acting very weird while you were eating. You seemed really agitated and fidgety. And now I know it was because you were hardly getting anything in your belly.

To add insult to injury, you spit up more the past few days than you had in a long time. So not only were you not getting enough to eat, a lot of what you did eat, ended up on Mommy's and Daddy's shirt.

To supplement or not. That was the big question.

I wanted to get my supply back up to normal but I also wanted to make sure you had enough to eat. And I knew that giving you formula would ensure you had enough to eat, but I also knew that supplementing could hurt my supply. In the end we decided not to supplement ... but I was about 5 minutes away from doing it.

Today was a new day. You seem happier and have a full-er belly. And that's all we could ask for.

But we got a bonus! Daddy and I got our first, we're-sure-it-wasn't-gas, purposeful smile out of you this morning! It was the best. Seriously the absolute best.

God is so very wonderful. He gave us just what we needed, just when we needed it.

(pictures to come tomorrow)

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