Thursday, September 10, 2009

Weekly Natalie - Week 34, 35, and 36

Bothered by my interrupting her while she stares at
herself in the mirror at Belk

Already more stylish than me!
Hasn't quite mastered the art of getting the Puff 100% in her mouth
Totally impressed with herself

Work it out, munchkin
Happy in her carseat

Extreme closeup!

She makes the wackiest faces
The noises that go along with this expression are hilarious

Me and my Sox baby

Happy Sox fan
Not in the mood for my picture-taking shenanigans

She's a squealer
She already thinks Lee and I are hopelessly lame


Me and my Hippo Head baby

What's that?! Is that a smile in the bathtub?!?!

She loves her some Tigger

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